Are You Letting Money Slip Through Your Fingers?

Is time slipping through your hands, like sand through your fingers? Then so is money!When you accept Part Time Employment you are losing money every week that you work!

Many newly graduated Physical and Occupational Therapists are told they must accept part time employment to ‘break into’ the field.  This is simply not true.  In fact,  by accepting part time employment you could really be hurting yourself financially.

Consider this:

Our Traveling therapists make around $1800 per WEEK in total compensation.  If you accept a position that only offers you 20 hours per week and you’re bringing home around $500 per week,  this position is actually COSTING you $1300 per week!  Whatever you’re making at your current position,  if it is less than you could be making as a traveler then you should ask yourself…  Why am I here?

Atlas Healthcare has exciting opportunities all over the United States. Traveling is a perfect way for you to work Full time and earn at your FULL POTENTIAL,  while also giving you multiple settings to reach your maximum potential as a therapist as well.

Call us today to find out how you can start earning more as a Traveling Therapist today!