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"Atlas is a family away from family."
Giselle, RN

I have had a great experience working with Atlas Healthcare. Since joining their team, I have worked in medical surgical units, labor and delivery, emergency rooms and I have even obtained charge nurse experience. I have also been able to use my free time to travel around the United States sightseeing.

Ferdosa, RN

Atlas and all the staff have been very supportive and very helpful in guiding me throughout the process. Atlas never stopped believing and having faith in me. They never gave up, and I never gave up on them. I kept my faith in Atlas and all the staff because I knew that they would help me fulfill my dream.

Vanessa, OT

I have worked with Atlas Healthcare for several years, and it has truly been a pleasant experience. The new graduate program provided me with the tools to establish the foundation of my nursing career. All of the staff members are personable, and willing to help their nurses at any time regarding any questions or concerns.

Joyce, RN
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