Atlas Healthcare has a department dedicated to the entire immigration process. When you sign up with us our Processing Department will be in immediate contact with you, providing you with information concerning the process from beginning to end. We can answer your concerns about any of the following:

  • Credentialing Process
  • H1B visa
  • Visa Screen
  • Licensure in the U.S.
  • IBT preparation
  • NPTE or NBCOT preparation
  • And much more!

We will answer ALL of your questions! We work with every agency in the U.S. and are familiar with all the processes. We specialize in making this EASY!

Atlas Healthcare will assist you throughout the process of coming to the United States and beyond. The experts in our Corporate Processing Department have years of experience working with credentialing, licensure and USCIS issues.

In addition to this we work with the best immigration attorneys in the United States to ensure that your documents are in order and REMAIN in order throughout your time on our team! So you can rest easy knowing that Atlas will take care of the details!

When you sign up with Atlas Healthcare you have access to ALL of this! When our Processing Dept. gets in touch with you they will give you contact information and be in constant contact with you throughout the entire journey. WELCOME TO OUR TEAM!